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A key part of your video analysis in every sport is the design of a concepts template containing the most relevant aspects to study in each of your different analysis. In this post we will explain the most relevant features of the concept templates of ERIC Sports.


ERIC Sports’ concepts templates are divided in three different parts:

  • Pannel, that take up the right column (in the image,  the text “Pannel A”).
  • The pannel contain groups of concepts (in the image, with blue background) to group similar actions to study.
  • These groups contain concept buttons (in the image, with yellow background).

Let’s explain the most distinctive features of the concept buttons.


– “Text”: in this space is where you may name your button.

– “Explanation”: you may also add a note explaining what this button is for. Once the template is created the explanation will be showed when you place the cursor over the button.

– “Backcolor”/”Forecolor”: you may choose the background color and the text color of each button, which will ease their order and accelerate the process of an analysis.

– “Shortcut”: another way to accelerate the analyis is to link a button to a certain key of the keyboard.

– “Video Prev.”/”Video Post.”: the button will defualtly take the previous and the next 5 seconds of the video from the moment you click on the button during the analysis. Nevertheless, this values may be changed, writing in the contiguous box the exact number of seconds you want to take before (Video Prev.) and after (Video Post.) the click.

– “Atribute Mode”: by selecting this feature, the button will only be available to complement other concepts previously marked.

– “Manual IN/OUT”: this feature will let you select the exact beggining and end of the action, by clicking once when you want it to start and clicking again when you want it to finish.

– “Button Width”/”Button Height”: using the different options that the software offers you will be able to adjust each of the buttons to the prefered size.

This features will help you understand ERIC Sports’ concepts template and get the most out of it in your video analysis. If you have any doubts you may always get in contact with our support team that will help you answer your questions about this matter or any other:

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