In this post,we show you will see how to create a report using the feature “Video-frame-video slide Group” for your sports video analysis with ERIC Sports. We will show you in a brief and visual way throughout a tutorial the procedure in order to create a report.

But before we start, ¿what is video-frame-video?

The main purpose of this feature is to help explaining a concept of the game. It will allow you to divide a video slide into three parts:

  • First part of the video until the moment where you want to do your explanation
  • An image where you may do drwaings and effect about the concept you want to explain
  • The rest of the video

In order to create the three slides, play the video and pause it at the moment of your interest. Select the Capture Tools button in the video bar, represented by a camera camara. Then, select the option “Create Video-Frame-Video Slide Group”. After that you will habe obtained the 3 aforementioned slides and you may now do the drawings and effects you need for your explanation.

We leave you with a short video in which you will see everything explained in this post so you can master this report feature:


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